Roster and Shirt Order Submission

Submission of this registration form and payment of the registration fee reserves your team's spot. 

You do not need to submit a final roster or shirt order with your registration. We will send an email to include the last day to make roster and shirt order changes. You must submit your final roster by that date in order for players to qualify to play this season.

Division Preference Guidelines

Division preference is not guaranteed. Teams will be placed in divisions based on the makeup of the league, and past performance for returning teams.

Corporate: Corporate division teams have at least 75% of players from the same company, and will play only against teams from other local companies (if enough register)!

Very Casual: Teams with a low level of athletic ability and competitive drive. Very Casual teams just want to have fun, both on the field and at happy hour. Very Casual teams have little desire to qualify for the playoffs, other than to enjoy additional happy hours.

Casual: Teams with a moderate level of athletic ability and competitive drive. Casual teams have fun, but pay more attention to their team's record, and also strive to qualify for the playoffs.

Ballers: Teams with a high level of athletic ability and competitive drive. For Baller teams, competition and winning is a part of the fun. Qualifying for and then winning the playoffs are always on the minds of Ballers teams. Ballers teams pay close attention to strategy and tailor their lineups to give them the best chance to win.

Team Name and Captain Guidelines

You can change your team name and captain anytime before the season starts by emailing us.

Team Registration - Kickball

Registration is OPEN!