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Football Registration/Information

Flag Football (8-on-8 Co-Ed)

If you love 808 Sports League's Kickball, check out our Co-Ed Flag Football League.  Season to start September 2009 until mid-December.  


Registration Date and Season TBD


808 Sports Leagues Waiver Form
You must sign and send the Waiver in order to participate with 808 Sports Leagues by July 30.  Click on the link below to access the waiver.  Thanks!
Waiver form 


Flag Football League Information

The cost is $80 for individuals and $900 for a team of 16 players ($20 for each additional player over 16 - no limit to number of players on your roster).  

Fee includes: 9 games, A single-elimination playoff tournament (40% of teams qualify). Umpires, organized Happy Hours after the games, administration fees, one t-shirt per person on the roster, and Equipment. 

When are the Games?
The Fall league starts on September 14, 2009 and will end mid-December. Games will be once a week on Monday or Wednesday nights, and will start at 7 or 8 pm.
The exact times and dates will be distributed to players prior to the season.

Should I register as a Individual, Group, or Team?
If you are looking to meet new people while playing flag-football, register as an individual.  Players who register as an individual will be placed either on a team comprised of all registered individuals or a team that needs extra players. 

If you want to play with certain people, but don't have enough players to fill a full team (recommended amount is 15), each player should register as an individual and list the names of the people you want to play with in your comments on the online registration form. 

If you have enough players to field a team, it is recommended to register as a team.

Games will take place at the following City and County of Honolulu Parks:

· Palolo Valley District Park (Palolo)

· Kapaolono District Park (Kaimuki)

Can I play in a Casual Division?
Yes!  Depending on the amount of teams, there should be 2 divisions: Casual and Very Casual.  Register to the division you think best suits your players.  However, division preference is not guaranteed as oftentimes, there are limited amounts of more competitive teams.

This is a fun recreational league, so we want everyone to have fun, and stay safe. The key rules are:

·      Format 8-on-8.  5 men and 3 women on the field
·      Two 23-minute halves with 3-5 minute half times. Running time for first half, 21 minute running time for the second half with 2 minute stop time if the game is within 16 points. If the score differential is more than 17 points, running time for the second half.
·      6 points for a touchdown. Choice of 1 or 2 point conversions. No field goals
·      Non-contact (NO BLOCKING OR TACKLING)
·      No setting picks (blocking a defender) will be allowed
·      Teams must use a female player as an operative player within 3 consecutive downs
·      Five Mississippi rush count (Miss-i-ssi-ppi is the only rush word allowed)
·      The size of the field will be 60-yards by 30-yards, with 10-yard end zones.
·       First Downs: The field will be divided into 3 20-yard zones.  A team has four downs to cross each consecutive line (First down every 20-yard line marker). 
·      Teams provide 1 assistant referee for the game that precedes/follows your game (in some cases may have to provide 2).  That referee must also know the rules.  Teams failing to provide referees or those who provide referees who do not know the rules will incur penalties. Please see Section 12, Rule 19 for a full description of penalties.
·      Game time is forfeit time 
·       All games are RAIN or SHINE (unless dangerous conditions) 
·      Any unsportsmanlike behavior will result in that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in all leagues for one year – Yellow cards and Red cards will be issued
·      ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL – Players found with alcohol will be IMMEDIATELY ejected from the game (no exceptions), and may be suspended indefinitely.  We do not want to risk losing our permit.  Intoxicated players will be removed from the game.
·      808 Sports Leagues reserves the right to make modifications to the rules as needed to improve the quality of the game.  Players will be notified at least 2 days prior to their next game.





Submitted Registration Form but Forgot to Pay? Still Need to Pay for the Extra Player Fee?
If for some reason you completed and submitted the registration form, but forgot to pay online via PalPal or you need to pay for the extra player fee, click on the link below.  Registration is only complete after payment is submitted.

Click here to pay for registration

Extra Player Fee (Team Registration) - There is no limit to the amount of players on your team roster. However, if you exceed 16 players on your team, it costs an additional $20 per player. This helps cover additional insurance costs, T-shirts, and Administration fees.