Kickball FAQ

What is the cost?

The regular cost is $100 for individuals and $1100 for a team of 16 players ($25 for each additional player over 16 - up to a maximum of 25 players per team).


  • Students - Individual registrants with valid Student ID or .edu email address upon registration - $90
  • Early Bird - Individuals/Small Groups - $90, Full Teams - $1000


The registration fee includes:

  • One uniform shirt per person on the roster
  • ~6 regular season games with kickball equipment provided   
  • Single-elimination playoff tournament (50% of teams qualify)
  • Trained umpires
  • Organized happy hours after games
  • "On the House" parties!
  • Administration fees
  • Chance to meet awesome friends

With 16 players, the season is just $68.75 per person!

When are the games?

Games will be once a week, Monday, or Wednesday nights, and will start around 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 PM. The exact times and dates will be distributed to players prior to the season. Season starts mid-April through June 2022.

Should I register as an Individual, Small Group, or Team?

Individual - If you are looking to meet new people while playing kickball, register as an individual. Players who register as an individual will be placed either on a team comprised of all registered individuals or a team that needs extra players.

Group - If you want to play with certain people, but don't have enough players to fill a full team (recommended amount is 15-16), each player should register as an individual and list the names of the people you want to play with in your comments on the online registration form.

Team - If you have enough players to field a team, it is recommended to register as a team.

Where do we play?

Games will take place at a lit softball field in the greater Honolulu area (Downtown, Kaimuki, Near Fort Shafter, Palolo, Makiki, Kahala). Games may also be played in the outfield of a designated softball field, to allow for simultaneous games being played in a park.

The exact locations will be determined prior to regular registration season. All of the fields are equipped with night lighting, grass, and a softball diamond.

Are there different divisions?

We try to accommodate 3 different divisions:

  • Corporate - Play kickball with your co-workers against other local companies! Teams must have at least 75% of players who work at your company.
  • Very Casual - Great for "newbies" and those that want to keep it "chill" and don't have any competitive spirit (least competitive)
  • Casual - Not too easy and somewhat competitive. This division is good for teams that have played kickball before and are gunning for that Championship title!

We cannot guarantee that you or your team will be in the division you register in (we will do our best - teams will not "jump" more than one division).

What are the rules?

This is a fun recreational league, so we want everyone to have fun, and stay safe. The key rules are:

  • 7-inning or 50-minute games
  • 11 players on the field, with at least 4 women; or 9 players with at least 2 women. All players kick, but do not have to field.
  • No bunting (for guys only)
  • No “bouncie” or "overthrow" pitches
  • No headhunting! You can throw the ball at someone to get them out, but you must hit them below the shoulders.
  • ​All fielders must stay behind the pitching line until the ball is kicked
  • Teams provide a "volunteer" referee either before or after their scheduled game to assist the head referee provided by the league.
  • Absolutely NO Alcohol or animals on park property. Violation of this rule will result in suspension of the league
  • Good sportsmanship and attitude on and off the field. Violation of this will may result in suspension of the league


That's right, kickball. We've got the red rubber ball, the no bouncies rule and everything else like you remember it...Except that this is kickball for adults. After games, we go to our designated happy hour location for drink specials offered to players (flip cup, anyone?). So re-live your childhood days, and register for the next 808 Sports Leagues kickball season!

We're coming back Spring 2022!

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