Co-Ed (8-on-8) Flag Football FAQ

What is the cost?

The regular cost is $85 for individuals or $900 for a team of 14 players ($20 for each additional player over 14 up to a maximum of 19 per team). 


  • Students - Individual registrants with valid Student ID or .edu email address upon registration - $70
  • Early Birds - Individuals/Small Groups - $75, Full Teams - $850
  • Invite a Friend! - Have your friend enter your email address on their Individual Registration form, you get $5 credited to your own registration fee.*
  • Invite a Team! - Have a new team captain enter your email address on their Team Registration form, you get $20 credited to your own registration fee.*

* - Friends must have never played with 808 Sports Leagues in any sport at any time. Full Teams must consist of at least 75% of players that have never played with 808 Sports Leagues in any sport at any time. Credits are cumulative per referral, max out at the value of your registration fees for this season, and are payable after the start of the season if your friend/team is still in the league.

The registration fee includes:

  • One uniform shirt per person on the roster
  • ~8 regular organized season games with equipment provided
  • Single-elimination playoff tournament (50% of teams qualify)
  • Trained Referees (Two (2) League Referees per game)
  • Organized happy hours with drink specials after games
  • Season party for all players
  • Administration fees

With 14 players, the season is less than $64 per person!

When are the games?

Games will be once a week, Monday or Wednesday nights, and will start at 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 PM. The exact times and dates will be distributed to players prior to the season.

Should I register as an Individual, Small Group, or Team?

If you are looking to meet new people while playing, register as an individual. Players who register as an individual will be placed either on a team comprised of all registered individuals or a team that needs extra players.

If you want to play with certain people, but don't have enough players to fill a full team (recommended amount is 15-16), each player should register as an individual and list the names of the people you want to play with in your comments on the online registration form.

If you have enough players to field a team, it is recommended to register as a team.

Where do we play?

Games will take place at a well-lit field in the greater Honolulu area.

Are there different divisions?

At this time, we will only have a Casual division.  However, if enough teams register as "Baller" (more competitive), we will establish a Baller division.

What are the rules?

This is a fun recreational league, so we want everyone to have fun, and stay safe.

These rules are designed to enable you to play football with skill, strategy, and depth. You will feel like you are in a real football game. You will throw passes, run routes, return kicks, execute running plays, and think strategically when you convert extra points. No intentional contact is allowed at any time. You must use speed and skill; you may never use force and aggression. Have a positive attitude, be competitive, be honest, and play with dignity. Have fun!

 The key rules are:

  • 8‐on‐8.  5 men and 3 women on the field.
  • NCAA rules (one foot in bounds, down on contact w/ ground, etc).
  • Two 16‐minute halves with a 3 minute half time. 14 minute running time with 2 minute stop time at the end of each half. Stop time means that the game time clock stops at the end of each play. 
  • 6 points for a touchdown. Choice of 1 or 2 point conversions from 5 or 10 yards, respectively.
  • No blocking, no tackling, no press coverage, no bull rushing, and no intentional or aggressive contact shall be tolerated at any time.
  • Only two consecutive male‐>male plays allowed. A sack/flag pull behind the line of scrimmage is a neutral play and does not count as a male‐>male play even if the ball carrier is a male.
  • Five “8‐0‐8 sports” rush count or when the QB throws/hands off/fake hands off the ball. ​
  • The QB cannot ever run with the ball, even when rushed.  
  • Field Size: 60‐yards by 35‐yards. Two first downs at the 20 and 40 yard lines.
  • Every Team MUST provide 1 volunteer ref every week.
  • Game time is forfeit time; all games are rain or shine.
  • Kickoffs after scoring plays are kicked from the 20 yard line. Punting is allowed to avoid a turnover‐on‐downs. During the return, only the defense and ball carrier may run. The rest of the offense must stand still.
  • If the ball flies out on a kick/punt, the returning team may elect for a re‐kick with a 5 yard penalty or to take the ball on the 15 (on a kick) or with a 15 yard penalty assessed where the ball flies out (on a punt).
  • ​Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be addressed immediately and penalized 15 yards, with the offending player being removed from the “drive” or longer. Referees have the authority to moderate the game as they feel necessary. This authority includes removing players from the field, ending the game early, and modifying rules when players repeatedly push the boundaries.

Co-Ed Flag Football (8-on-8)

Missing football season already? 808 Sports Leagues' Flag Football is back by popular demand! Our co-ed players are psyched to come out each week in Honolulu to play to their heart's content, with flags flyin'. We then continue the fun at the post-game happy hour to hang out with teammates and meet new people. All our referees are trained to keep the fun moving. 

Future Season Information -  

808 Sports Leagues will not be hosting a Spring 2020 Flag Football Season.  Please check out our Volleyball and Kickball leagues!

If you want to be notified of future League seasons, please sign-up on our mailing list