Dodgeball FAQ

What is the cost?

The regular cost is $65 for individuals and $675 for a team of 12 players ($20 for each additional player over 12 - up to a maximum of 16 per team). (Roughly $56 per person!)


  • Student Individual registrants (with valid Student ID and .edu email address upon registration) - $60
  • Early Bird Registration (between January 18 and 31) - $60 (individuals)/$625 (full team)

The registration fee includes:

  • One uniform shirt per person on the roster
  • 1 scrimmage and 7 regular season game nights with equipment provided
  • Single-elimination playoff tournament (50% of teams qualify)
  • Trained umpires
  • Organized happy hours after games
  • Administration fees
  • "On the House" parties!
  • Chance to meet awesome friends

With 12 players, the season is about $58.33 per person!

When are the games?

Games will be once a week on Thursday nights, and will start around 6:15, 7:15 or 8:15 PM. The exact times and dates will be distributed to players prior to the season.

Should I register as an Individual, Small Group, or Team?

If you are looking to meet new people while playing , register as an individual. Players who register as an individual will be placed either on a team comprised of all registered individuals or a team that needs extra players.

If you want to play with certain people, but don't have enough players to fill a full team (recommended amount is 10-12), each player should register as an individual and list the names of the people you want to play with in your comments on the online registration form.

If you have enough players to field a team, it is recommended to register as a team.

Where do we play?

Games will take place in an OUTDOOR COURT in Honolulu.  

Are there different divisions?

At this time, we will only have a Casual division.  

Players who have played dodgeball professionally (yes, this exists) will not be allowed to play, and will be automatically disqualified without refund.

What are the rules?

This is a fun recreational league, so we want everyone to have fun, and stay safe. The key rules are:

  • Honor System Rules - If you are out, raise your hand and go out without anybody else telling you to do so
  • Format is 6-on-6. Maximum 4 men, minimum 2 women on the court​
  • 4 players required to start game (3 Men, 1 Woman)
  • 6  foam (no hurt) dodgeballs on the court 
  • (2) 17-minute Halves with as many games as possible within the time frame
  • A player is out when hit by a live ball, throws a ball which is caught, foot touches the center line, or goes out-of-bounds
  • Players can re-enter the game after a teammate catches a live ball thrown by the opponent
  • Headshots are illegal
  • Gloves and Hard Helmets are illegal
  • Referees and appointed volunteer referees are only players allowed to make calls (players who are off the court/playing in a game are not allowed to make calls). 808 Sports Leagues referees always have final say.
  • Teams provide a "volunteer" referee before their scheduled game to assist the head referee provided by the league.
  • Absolutely NO Alcohol or animals on park property. Violation of this rule will result in suspension of the league
  • Good sportsmanship and attitude on and off the court. Violation of this will may result in suspension of the league

Future Season Information 

 Get on the Mailing List for future seasons

Foam Dodgeball - Outdoor Court

Our favorite game in gym class back for us big kids!  Don't worry though, we're using rubber-coated foam dodgeballs so it won't hurt (and it still flies wicked quick).  Come out and throw, dodge, duck, and dive!  When that's over, head over to happy hour to get a drink!  If you can dodge a wrench...(yes, we've heard it)